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French Advantage

Bonjour à tous!  Oui, oui, oui, on parle français à Hawthorne!


Thanks to Ms. Limoncelli and the Hawthorne Foundation, we started our second year of French!

This year we have extended our program throughout the year and are now providing "Classe de français" to the majority of our students, once a week, in grades K-5th. The remaining students will split time between French and Technology each semester.


Having French 50 min a week gives us the opportunity to learn many new words directly related to the basic communication concepts. The emphases will be on speaking and correct pronunciation of French words. The students will learn how to present themselves, say what they like or not, talk about their interests, and describe their family, friends, households, school and much more.


They will be introduced to the French culture, art, cuisine, music and history. I will mostly use the  interactive materials and methods to teach them what they would normally learn about their own culture at this age. Many short videos, games and songs will make this learning a fun experience which will eventually encourage them to research and learn even more on their own.


Older students (3rd-5th grade) will have a French notebook that will serve as a "Pictionary" which they will use as a reminder of what we did in class and share their new vocabulary and concepts with parents and friends. No homework will be assigned. The purpose of my French class is for students to develop interest and embrace a different culture which will help them as they grow to become citizens of the world.


Madame Galtère




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