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Discovery Program

Hawthorne Elementary School (HES) provides gifted services to qualified

students through the Pull-Out Resource Model.

Eligible students are served by a gifted certified teacher for 45 minutes



In every class, the students’ creative thinking,critical thinking, and

problem-solving skills will be instrumental in developing the

instructional units.

The focus will be on developing real-world problem solving and thinking

skills across the curriculum.

Students will learn by “hands on” activities, experiments and projects

which will include elements of art, music, computers, and other technology


The objectives of the gifted program are:

-To bring gifted children together to experience a variety of challenging,

engaging and fun activities.

-To provide students the opportunity to be creative, solve problems,

engage in research, and enhance their communication skills both orally and


-To encourage students to become lifelong learners.

-To support teachers in the area of educating gifted children.

-To support parents of the gifted.


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Discovery Teacher

Beth A Rich